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Fleur Toons has moved to Tumblr!

Click here to see them!

Tumbling into Tumblr

If you've noticed, I've stopped posting Fleur Toons on LJ.

What? What Fleur Toons?

Well. I've been updating it regularly in the Bunnigea Facebook group and Twitter as well, but not here. It's hard because this is still a personal blog whereas Twitter and Bunnigea are.. you know, Bunnigea stuff. So I've decided to move Fleur to Tumblr which will be dedicated solely to Fleur and Bunnigea, and some reblogs of what Fleur (me) likes, etc. I'll still be here updating with my Ordinary Life sketches - I'm sorry I haven't updated that in ages! There have been lots of sketches! - and trawling the Craftgrrl community. :) 

Seventh Month

Sometimes when I lie in bed and try looking at my phone... My eyes feel like they are sinking into my skull.

Quite creepy, right? Very apt for the seventh month. Don't stay out late! Or go into water bodies at night! D: D:

It's also Hari Raya Adilfitri today! :D

Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all Muslims! 


The Ant Watch

Monsoon season brings in armies of ants. Baby powder repels them! Fun to see them in a frenzy when I scattered a line of powder in their line. 

Oh, umf.

Gif taken from here.

Oh gawd, I'm too old for this. x_x 


Forty Fleur Toons - Inspiration

Sorry for the late update! New Fleur Toon coming to you tonight, too!

Forty Fleur Toons - Rain

Who doesn't like rain? Fleur loooooves the rain (not Rain the Korean pop star, ok). When it does, she takes her umbrella and stands there, hearing the pitter patter of raindrops on her umbrella, taking in the cool breeze. And on top of that, dancing in the rain! She doesn't get a cold after doing that, don't worry.

Do remember Fleur Toons updates every Tuesday and Thursday. You can also find it on....

You can also find the drawings on Twitter with the hashtag #fleurtoon... Better still, just follow me on Twitter! Button's on the left.

www.facebook.com/groups/bunnigea/ <-- copy and paste this link! And request to join the group. I promise you don't have to jump through any hoops to get into the group. As long as you're nice, you can stay on The Premium Land of Bunnigea.

Scribble Away!

Handmade Matchbook Notebooks up for grabs from the Bunnigea Souvenir Store! :D

Click HERE to take a look. Click on the title of the product to purchase. :)